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Our dedicated staff is a creative group that strives to make a positive difference in our world – in the office, in the field, and in their daily lives. These individuals bring EPI’s vision to communities around the world.

Year-round Positions

Staff turnover is typically low, although our needs continue to evolve as our programs grow. As year-round positions become available, we will announce them here. We also have some great volunteer opportunities. Please contact us if you have any questions about our organization or about how you can become involved.

Seasonal Positions

Mexico Field Ecology InstructorApplication period is closed
Location: Baja California Sur, México.
Download an application: PDF or MS Word.

Ecology Project International (EPI) is hiring instructors to teach field ecology courses to high school and university students in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Our programs introduce students to real-world scientific study, raise cultural and ecological awareness, and promote international conservation efforts. Our project site in Baja California Sur consists of two distinct field ecology programs, the Island Ecology Program and the Whale Ecology Program; both programs are offered to local Mexican and international student groups.

During the Island Ecology Program students camp for several nights on a beach located on Isla Espiritu Santo in the Gulf of California, and while snorkeling collect data for local scientists as part of a marine invertebrate research project. The Whale Ecology Program is a boat-based program in the Gulf of California between Loreto and Cabo Pulmo where students live and study aboard a research vessel while assisting scientists in a whale observation project. In addition, EPI runs workshop series and events from its La Paz Campus.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Instruct quality experiential environmental education programs to a diversity of high school, middle school, or university students in both English and Spanish.
• Promote and ensure a safe learning/living environment for EPI participants at remote field sites.
• Effectively manage logistical challenges and emergencies on course.
• Teach low-impact, wilderness camping skills to students and abide by all protected area protocols and regulations.
• Lead data collection for a marine invertebrate monitoring project.
• Establish and maintain clear communication with teachers, chaperones, participants, program partners, co-instructor(s), and EPI staff.
• Model and maintain a positive attitude.

1. Flexibility and ability to work with others in remote settings;
2. Field teaching and outdoor leadership experience with young adults;
4. Bachelor's degree in biology, ecology, the natural sciences, or related field;
5. English and Spanish proficiency;
6. Advanced/wilderness first aid and CPR certifications;
7. Field research experience; and a
8. Minimum 21 years of age.

1. Marine biology research experience, especially with cetaceans or marine invertebrates;
2. Knowledge and familiarity with Mexico, especially Baja California Sur and the Gulf of California;
3. Master's degree in related field;
4. Sea kayak or boat experience; and a
5. Current life-guard certification.
6. Wilderness First Responder certification

Compensation: Lodging in La Paz, Baja California Sur during field season, room and board while on-course, work related in-country travel, and $50 - 80/day.

Dates: Program dates are: Full season, mid-October, 2009 through mid-May, 2010 with a holiday break from mid-December to mid-January; and Half season, mid-January, 2010 through mid-May, 2010. EPI instructors for the full season will participate in two training sessions, one in October and one in January. There will be one training session for the half season in January and a brief training in March.

To apply send cover letter, resume, and completed EPI application to:

Ecology Project International
Attn: Mexico Instructor Hiring
P.O. Box 9192
Missoula, MT 59807
(406) 721-8784 phone
(406) 721-7060 fax

Mexico Field Ecology Program Internship
Baja California Sur, México
Application period is closed
Download an application: PDF or MS Word.

The main role of the Mexico Island Ecology Program Intern is to assist the instructor team and program staff in delivering a top-notch educational program. EPI recognizes that interns come with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. We wish to leverage this diversity; with your energy and enthusiasm, we hope to accomplish the following:

1. Enhance the experience of our students, teachers and staff; and,
2. Positively increase your professional and personal development,
3. Stimulate your creativity and solicit your input in order to improve and strengthen EPI’s programming.

- Help Instructors in prioritizing student safety ;
- Assist Instructors in enforcing EPI policies and procedures;
- Help promote and maintain a positive learning environment;
- Role-model and teach Protected Area regulations;
- Actively participate in all courses;
- Help to maintain a safe environment for EPI participants;
- Serve as a mentor for students.

Instructor support:
- Clean meeting area and prep for classes (clear area, arrange chairs, etc.);
- Attend and participate in all activities and class sessions;
- Collect student contact information and email addresses in the participant profile;
- Verify that each group signs the journal with their school name and dates. Encourage all students to place some drawing, poem, thought, story, etc. in the student journal.

Field Research:
- Provide support for field research projects;
- Assist in prep-work for snorkel surveys.

Student-teaching: Prepare to co-lead the following activities as soon as possible (probably within 1-2 groups):
- Name games
- Group initiatives or challenges
- Co-lead or lead curriculum pieces and data collection activities (probably within 4-5 weeks)

Equipment maintenance:
- Distribute, collect, inventory, and clean EPI equipment;
- Oversee general maintenance and order of: art supplies, EPI library, research equipment, Instructor supplies, meeting areas and common spaces.

Preparation for season culminating event:
Site prep-work: Set-up chairs, tables, and displays;
Assist in the collection and solicitation of raffle prizes;
Assist with student sign-up and organization: Greet and register students and other attendees, make name-tags, pass out programs;
Breakdown: Assist in cleaning site, organizing and collecting student work.

Season wrap-up:
- Clean and inventory all equipment and materials;
- Participate in Staff Retreat.
- Show and Maintain and positive attitude

1. The desire to make a difference in the world.
2. Flexibility and ability to work with others in a remote setting.
3. Leadership experience.
4. Experience working as part of a team.
5. Conversational Spanish.
6. Strong swimming and snorkeling experience.
7. Minimum 18 years of age.

1. Knowledge of marine, coastal, and/or desert ecology experience.
2. Field research experience.
3. Knowledge and familiarity with Mexico, especially Baja California Sur and the Sea of Cortez.
4. Teaching experience.
5. Spanish and English fluency.
6. Sea kayak experience.

Compensation: The Mexico Island Ecology Program Intern will receive a stipend of $700.00 pesos per week worked. During EPI field ecology courses all travel, lodging, and food expenses will be covered by EPI. Lodging at the EPI campus will be provided during the term of the internship.

Schedule: The Mexico Island Ecology Program Intern will work primarily in the field during the program season assisting with EPI field courses on Isla Espiritu Santo, 5 days a week (typically Monday through Friday, but not always). The intern is encouraged to spend one or two weeks assisting with program coordination and outreach in the EPI office in La Paz. When working in the office, the intern will work 30 hours per week, Monday through Friday. The available opening for field intern is:

Dates: Fall, mid-October through mid-December, 2009.

Dates: Depending on the project, the intern is responsible to the Field Instructors, Program Coordinator, and Program Associate.

Interested applicants should send their letter of interest, resume, and application to:

Ecology Project International
Guillermo Prieto 1038
e/ Navarro y Encinas
Col. Centro
La Paz, BCS 23000
Tel. 612-165-6561
Fax 612-165-6560


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